The Top 6 Points To Remember When You're Doing Keywords Optimization

Keywords are hot words you can use to promote your site through search engine optimization or SEO. Most sites place keywords in their META tags which can only be seen from the source code of their site's HTML. The reason why people put keywords is to make their site searchable for business. This is because a majority of Internet surfers shop online.

However, getting good keywords that give the site more exposure is pretty hard to find. With the right tools, research and application, keywords can save you a lot of time so that you can do other Internet marketing strategies.

These are the Top 6 points you need to remember when you're doing keyword optimization:

- Find your keywords

Get a keyword research tool such as GoodKeywords or WordTracker. These softwares can generate you certain keywords that people type in to search for products similar to yours.

- Single Keywords

Single Keywords do not have that much luck with the search engines, because people want to narrow their research by putting in two or more keywords to go along with it. For example, instead of just setting your site for the word 'health', you can set your site for the words 'health cure osteoporosis'.

- Summarise Your Site

Find keywords that summarise your site. If your site is about Middle Eastern cooking, you can use keywords like 'meditteranean cuisine' and so on.

- Heading

Make sure that the keywords are located at the heading of your website. This is to let your customers know what you're offering to them and giving it to them straight. The heading is also featured in search engines when they're looking for your site, so these keywords in your heading play a small part in helping your site to be found.

- Similarities and Spelling

Search for similarities or double meanings in your keywords that people also type in to search for your product. For example if people are looking for the Portable Playstation, you can also include in the abbreviation PSP.

A lot of people have spelling errors when they type certain keywords online. What you should do is doing some trial and error on certain keywords you feel people normally mis-spell and add it on to your site.

- Placement of Your Keywords

Place your keywords at least 3-4 times in your website. Preferably, one in the introduction, two in the body copy and the last one is in the conclusion of the site. The reason why you should do this, is because search engines like it when your keywords are being repeated, confirming the relevancy of the site with that keyword phrase. However do not repeat them too much or else the content in your site will look unprofessional.

Overall, these search engine optimization strategies are very easy to implement due to logical sense with a couple of research factors involved. Keyword optimization is one strategy, once implemented cannot take place immediately. Be patient and give it some time for the search engines to find your site.

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